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Default Re: Steelers' Tomlin backs Harrison suspension

Originally Posted by Sixburgher View Post
Plenty of players, and particularly linebackers, are big on intimidation, and many also push the envelope as far as the rules are concerned. Take Suggs and Lewis as two examples just from our division. It's the nature of the position. Yet I don't see them getting singled out in the media and branded as cheap shot artists for it. That's what pisses me off. In Goodell's NFL, the media are the judge and jury and he's the executioner. It shouldn't be that way. That's the problem I have with it.
I agree with you.

It's just that in any group of people there will always be one person who gets everyone's attention - good or bad. In this case, for whatever reason, Harrison happens to be that person.

You know, we see what we see, but we're not on the field and we don't hear what's said between players, we don't know what's said to the refs and so on. It could very well be that James makes a point of saying things that people (refs) remember negatively and they tend to look harder at him.

Look at Ray Ray. Whenever I see him talking to refs, he's always smiling, maybe he jokes with them or whatever but he's schmoozing them and he knows that goes a long way.

Maybe James either doesn't say anything or if he does, it's in the form of criticism or attitude and like any other human being, they respond more positively to schmoozing than to someone pissing and moaning about one thing or another

With refs - just as it is with anyone in authority - honey works better than vinegar.
You talk yourself out of a speeding ticket by being the nice guy and it's the "I pay your salary" guy that always ends up in court.
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