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Default Re: Tomlin showed his true colors today

What a stupid thread. Tomlin has always had his players backs. He has no choice but to give the right answer in front of the TV cameras. As we all know, in his interviews he always plays it close to the vest and keeps the focus on the team as a whole, not on one individual player, injury, in this case suspension, or even on a particular side of the ball. His answers to nearly every question can be boiled down to this: "We're going to keep working hard and winning football games." For anyone to sit here and say that he agrees with this suspension (I am sure he does not) or as one headline has said "Tomlin Backs Suspension" is boneheaded, plain and simple. As other people on this thread have said, I am sure behind closed doors Mike has made his real views on this very clear. How anyone can criticize Tomlin is beyond me, he is an excellent coach, a great leader and his results over four seasons going on five bears it out. Here's to a 4th divsion title, a third AFC championship and a second Super Bowl title under this man. He is a true BOSS.
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