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Default Re: any fine or suspension for browns phil taylor yet?

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
It's almost annoying how much you guys are crying about Harrison. I couldn't even defend the hit the first time I saw it. I was in shock that he actually went to the head regardless if he thought McCoy was a runner. He was behind the LoS. He should have aimed lower knowing Goodell is not a fan of his.

Now the Fitzpatrick, Brees and Jason Campbell fines were all bogus. But I thought this and the Massoquoi fines were perfectly warranted.
Harrison actually wasn't fined for the Campbell hit. Which, unfortunately, validated the fact that it wasn't a penalty to begin with, and took away a pick six from Ike Taylor.

Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
Sorry guy, but that first part seems like such a load of BS. Did roger write that for you? So they're supposed to be safe...unless it's impractical?? What?? It's hard to tackle a runner without a helmet to helmet hit but not a QB or WR? I would think it's easier to tackle a RB without a helmet-to-helmet hit. Either you preach safety and stand behind it all the way or you pick and chose and look like you are fixing games. Plain and simple.

On the second part, did you watch the game? Ben got chopped across the head and got up moving his head like his neck was hurt.
Runners do not have helmet t helmet protection because they are in a defensive position. Anybody with the ball, whether it be a RB, QB, WR, TE, or even a lineman that picks up a fumble, is considered a runner. A runner has accountability for his own protection; if he doesn't want to get hit in the head, he has to avoid the hit. This is the theory behind the defenseless player (ie. a WR before he secures a ball or a QB in a throwing posture). Far from BS, and far from league spokesmanship, just good old fashioned common sense there.

Regarding the Taylor hit, I still don't remember it, but I'm not going to deny it, and I see that he was fined, so that answered the main question of the thread.

Somebody said Massaqoui was a runner; he was not. He never even caught the ball before Harrison drilled him, which is a prerequisite for a defenseless receiver to transition into a runner. This is why Ryan Clark's hit on Willis McGahee back in the 08-09 playoffs wasn't a penalty, because McGahee had become a runner. This is made explicit by the fact that the ball on the ground was ruled a fumble, meaning that McGahee had already secured possession and was attempting to advance the ball as a runner.
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