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Default Re: any fine or suspension for browns phil taylor yet?

It's bullshit you have to lay off a reciever and allow him to catch the ball and make all sorts of moves before you can lay some wood. Is it the recievers fault, the defenders fault or the quarterbacks fault for putting his reciever in an akward position to begin with?

Every quarterback throws a bad ball without properly reading the defense. Ben threw a ball to Hines and got Hines layed out by Ray Lewis. Ben had no buisness trying to fit that ball in there in front of Lewis. He's either trying to fit the ball in for a first down knowing Lewis is there or he never saw him.

If Clark pulls up on Dickson that's a 30 yard completion in a game where the Steelers couldn't get off the field on 3rd down to begin with. I'd rather see Clark lay him out, take the 15 yard penalty and fine, suspension whatever, and let the Ravens know he's there than simply let Dickson make that long catch because Flacco made a horrible read with over the top safety help. It's not Clark, it's Flacco. The friggin' quarterback should be flagged 15 yards for being stupid.

I loved the hit by Harrison on Massaquoi. Massaquoi is soft to begin with and so is Cribbs. Cribbs admitted Harrison tryed to hurt him in practices at Kent State. For what? Hitting him to hard in a full contact practice. Get off the field Cribbs. I'd rather see Harrison take the penalty and fine/suspension than let Massaquoi catch that ball. I bet that hurt. You can thank you're quarterback later for not being able to read a defense. He still can't read a defense.

Let's play big boy football. The rest of these pansies, see you in the CFL.

Sincerely, Jack Lambert

P.s. Gocong didn't make a football play or try to wrap up. He launched himself helmet first into Mendenhall. Guess that should've been a penalty. Where you at Adolf GODell?
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