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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
Lewis lowers his head and hits Hines in the helmet. Oh sure he half way tries to reach for him but his arms never even touch Hines at all. But his helmet sure does. Look, I'm OK with hits like that. But the NFL should be fair about it, and they are not. Not even close.
as a mention above in the post to whodis, it is tough to judge some of this hits . . .

but for me i look at Lewis coming to make a play and tackle and his helmet "happens" to make contact with Ward, whereas Harrison's point of contact, thrust of his moving (if you will), was towards McCoys head . . .Harrisons arms were not in a tackling position . ..

Speaking of Lewis and the consistency of the refs, Harrison's hit was just like Lewis hit on Chad O., with the thrust of the hit towards the head and the arms out in front as opposed to a wrapping action . . . and in the Lewis hit, he it was flag and find . . .

so the nfl is consistent, in the Lewis/Chad O. and Harrison hits the impedus of the "tackle" was contact to the head, and the Lewis/Ward hit the impedus was a wrapping motion with the arms . . .

you may disagree but there is a difference between coming at a player head first with arms out front (or down by side) and coming head first with the arms outstretch in a wrapping motion, the later is one trying the make a tackle with the arms and top of body, the former is a player trying to make a "tackle" by cold c*cking the guy with a hit to the head with the arms not being used to make the "tackle" . . . and if the former is taken out of the game than no problem by me . . .

to me the difference can be seen . . .
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