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Default Re: Tomlin showed his true colors today

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
A side from Tomlin who should've shut his mouth and just toe'ed the no comment line till it ran its course. James should've waited, if anything, he could've listed, hey he was a runner etc. But the added explanations and opinions should not have come out.

Back to Tomlin, I see he continues to flap his gums, now we can go over to Ben and him playing or not.

Who said Fire Mike? lol Rooneys won't fire him ove rthis, Rooneys are a hardline Goodel backer, they won't back their players. If anything they will work th eplyaer to the cliff and nudge him over it before giving and full feldge backing.
Personally I could not care less who the coach is, the players are who I root for. Tomlin can clean the bathrooms for all I care and make 5million. This team goes as Ben goes and the Def goes. That all there is to it. Either one can carry us, not Tomlin.

Just Shut Up Mike, your starting to look really stupid with your on again off agaoin comments.
I apologize to the general populace of the forum beforehand for the language, are a ****ing idiot.
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