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Default Re: Tomlin showed his true colors today

I need not follow my own advice. Why would I listen to me?lol. What I say doesn't effect the Steelers one bit. This is a message board, a sounding board a discussion board from dumb things to intelligent things
Everything posted here doesn't have to be agreed on by everyone or commented on. But this was a good topic, and apparently Tomlins mouth and flip flopping on things keeps adding to it.

Tomlins mouth does effect things and can sway opinions. He should've waited out the process. Than he could've sounded very intelligent and came out with a simple statment. Instead he choose not to back his players in this regard.

Somewhat intelligent, after the fact statement:
"The league deemed James's hit to be illegal, the appeal process played out and we need to abide by the ruling. Its unfortunate. James needs to blah blah blah."

BUT NOOOOOOO he needed to come before and state the hit was illegal and basically he did the crime now has to do the time. That was BS and we all know it. I'm sure that played well with the abitrator. I would love

If he had balls, he could've said this:

"Well we have been fined again, for no apparent reason other than we are the Steelers the hardest hitting mofo's in the NFL. We can live with that, we have to live with that, next up Alex Smith"

James really needs to make a statment in one of the last 2 games. Come in past the line balls out to the QB and stop at the QB and finger tap him or come in, and grab the QB towel. Than raise his hands like the QB is supposed to stop when I pull the towel out.

Now that would be some funny poop!
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