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Default Your stand on illegal hits and laying up on defenseless reciever or QB?

Those are truly the only two options, correct? It's not the spearing that's the problem or leading with your helmet, When it comes down to it it's hitting a defenseless offensive player right?

I started looking at the Ryan Clark play where he knocked the snout of of Ed Dickson of the ravens. First thing that was obvious was that it was a penalty. In 2011 that's a penalty. Clark not only left his feet running at full speed with his head down (spearing) but he also hit a defenseless reciever. He also made contact with alot of his shoulder but still spearing nonetheless. Dickson was just turning his head as Clark made contact on what looked to be a streak down the field with safety help over the top. Obviously Clark had help over the top and he's probably the hardest hitting safety in the league. At times I don't think he cares about his own self and safety.

I guess I was wondering how Clark could've hit him more proper. Not left his feet? Even if he doesn't leave his feet and hits him at full speed it's still hitting a defenseless reciever. Even if he doesn't make helmet to helmet contact he's still hitting a defenseless reciever. He timed the play perfectly after reading Flacco and had a full head of steam as he commited to the contact. His timing was impeccable. How could he have played that better?

My brother and I talked about this for a while last night. We came to the conclusion that Clark should've just layed up and that would've negated any penalty, fine or harm to the offensive player. It would've been at least a 30 yard completion. Later that night during the Jacksonville/Atlanta game Matt Ryan tried to fit a pass into a reciever under safety help and as the ball arrived the defender layed up and took the punishment with a helmet to the chest. In my mind a strong safety in the NFL would've layed some wood there that would've make Ronnie Lott proud.

That leads me to believe the only thing you can do is lay up and take the puninshment instead of dishing it out.

What do you guys think?
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