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Default Re: Your stand on illegal hits and laying up on defenseless reciever or QB?

clark penalty and fine was bullshit, that was a legal hit. he targeted the ball and led with the shoulder. dickson cringed before the hit, lowering his head, and even then, there was little contact with the face mask of the receiver. I don't know if you can get any more textbook than that play for separating the receiver from the ball. they NEED to let defenders do this. It's not like he went all brandon merriweather on his ass and launched into him with the intent of taking his head off. his target was the football.

the harrison hit on mccoy was illegal all the way and should have been a penalty and fine. what I DON'T agree on is a suspension for a play that happened so quickly, and being james first fineable offense this entire year. the league overreacted on that. suspensions shouldn't happen unless fouls are flagrant, or after the play. suh's stomp or wilfork's eye gouge can't be compared to harrison just trying to make a play
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