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Default Re: Symptoms of Tebow overdose include

I never thought so soon i'd be agreeing w/something Joe Flacco said. But he's right. ESPN Monday....with literally dozens and dozens of good stories to cover, they were just talking Tebow, Tebow, Tebow...then yes, more Tebow. Then it was off to the roundtable discussions on Tebow. It was disgusting.
The best comment i've heard so far about it was this : One of the local sportscasters, i think it was from Chicago, had called in to Mike and Mike for a discussion and when asked about it, he said "It's fool's gold. It will never last. He's just not that good."

I will admit, i've never seen so much luck that one person has had in such a short amount of time. Face it, he didn't win that last game. If that running back fell inbounds like he should have to run the clock out...then would NOT have fumbled on the following drive....there would have been no Denver win last week. This story has to end this week.....For probably the only time in my life, i'm pulling for NE
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