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Default Re: Too Much Raven Hatred By Steeler Fans?

The Ravens hate the Steelers exponentially more. I live very near Baltimore so I have a vested interest in keeping up with the local fans. I frequent one of their boards and many threads turn into a Squeelers Big Jen hate fest.

When you register, they even knock the Steeler;, you have to answer a registration validation question that degrades the Steelers and their fans. That is embarrassing. And the moderaters, who apply their craft subjectively, warn against bad behavior by anybody will result in banning - this was right above a threat titled "Why Do You Hate Steelers Fans." And in that very thread, Steelers and their fans are called "F*cktards." I brought to his attention, and the registration process to the attention of the moderator, and all I got in return was chirping crickets. I was not complaining mind you, I was just pointing that out. Which leads me to my next point:

It is their right to run whatever kind of forum they want. But to pretend that is such a classy, intelligent forum and have that registration process in place and have a moderator make those statements and do absolutely nothing is laughable.

Many Ravens fans are hypocritical. Like politicians. They have a classic argument technique, when a point is made, they respond without addressing the subject at hand and make a counterpoint that attacks. They think they fans are way better than "Stoolers" fans, and they are convinced Clark and Harrison are thugs, Ben is rapist, and their fans are low-brow mullet wearing pigs with no grasp of the complexities of football or fandom. When I rebutted an accusation from in a tread, I was asked to cite my sources! Do you believe that! Well, I did. Pretty much useless.

All teams have similar fans, not matter what the color. Some are rude, some are ignorant, some just stir the pot, etc. On the other hand, there are many informed, open-minded objective fans. The latter seem to be here, which is why I like to hang out here. Now, I am sure there are other Steelers forums not so friendly. Just like I know there must be more friendly Ravens forums out there.

Sometimes what we say, myself included, that is negative in regards to other players and teams, is out of ignorance. We don't know the entire story as we don't keep up as well with other teams.

I know one thing, football does crazy things to people.

Originally Posted by tenn1968 View Post
I have noticed both at the stadium and on the Internet and talk radio an extreme dislike, even hate, of Baltimore and the Ravens. Not sure this is a good thing. It is one thing to like the Steelers, another to hate the opposition so much as to wish injury to their star players.

It is also somewhat puzzling, it is not like the Ravens eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs it is the other way around.

So if This turns out to be Baltimore's year. I don't see it as the end of the world if ray ray gets another ring and Harbaugh and Flacco get their first . The Steelers still would be ahead in Super Bowl rings.

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