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Default Re: Your stand on illegal hits and laying up on defenseless reciever or QB?

What's needed are more refs like Ben Dreith who knew when someone was giving someone else "the business down there".

Since many cases of helmet-to-helmet contact are judgement calls, I think there needs to be better judgement. A good ref knows the difference between incidental contact and headhunting and that judgement needs to be part of the call or no-call. Right now, the ref's hands are tied by the way the rules are written as well as by the hysteria about concussions, so that ANY helmet contact is automatically called out when in many cases helmet-to-helmet contact is in the form of a glancing blow or simply a rebound from contacting a players pads and is clearly not an attempt to injure.

Many times when a law (or rule) is the subject of a "crackdown" extreme enforcement is the result and every single little thing is put under a microscope and even the slightest infraction is treated as a major offense. Once all the hoopla dies down, things become more forgiving but that takes time. And for players such as Harrison who ramp up the rhetoric and publicly protest the enforcement, it takes even longer.

It shouldn't be that way, but there's always a difference between what should be and what is.
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