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Default Re: Too Much Raven Hatred By Steeler Fans?

Originally Posted by tenn1968 View Post
Well let's look at what's happened this year.

First Game Baltimore Beats Steelers Into Submission, 35-7.
Second Game
Ravens beat Steelers 23-20 at Heinz, Joe Flacco finds Torrey Smith for 26 yard TD pass with 8 Seconds to Go.

The Ravens whipped you guys twice, the first time so convincingly that they left no doubt who has the better team.

Then when the Steelers and their fans thought they would get some measure of revenge by squeaking by the Ravens at Heinz, Joe leads his team down for the game winning TD, and you could have heard a pin drop at Heinz! Steelers get burned for two TD passes to Torrey in the same drive, he dropped the first one and then he gets open again and Joe Flacco burns you with 8 seconds to go. 8 SECONDS! What a great receiver, getting open twice like that and what a big time throw by Joe Flacco.

Joe gave the Steelers a taste of a bitter defeat at the hands of the Ravens when they thought they had the game won and were prematurely celebrating. Don't count your chickes before they are hatched. There is no doubt in my mind the Ravens now have a better team. The Ravens have seriously damaged the Steelers chances of getting to the Super Bowl by handling the Steelers twice. If not for the Ravens handling the Steelers then Pittsburgh has the division, a first round bye,, and home field throughout the playoffs wrapped up.

The Steelers can now know how the Ravens fans felt last year when we were tied but knew that we would not have the home field advantage in the playoffs. Only the Steelers deserve to hit the road for the playoffs, because they lost both of your games to the Ravens this year. Not so with the Ravens last year because Joe Flacco burned the Steelers last year too for a winning TD in the last minute at Heinz. Two years in a row.

The times of Pittsburgh coming out ahead of Baltimore are over, past, and not happening again. We've proven that this year with the two "L"s we handed the Steelers! And if we meet the STeelers again in the playoffs we'll beat them again. It will be in Baltimore and the Steelers completely collapsed there in the 09/11 game. Ravens will not lose at home.

Oh and as for the Ravens losing to San Diego and the Steelers moving ahead, forget it. I will grant their is an outside chance the Ravens lose that game, but even if they do and the Steelers go ahead by half a game how long will that last? The Steelers will lose to San Francisco, with or without Ben. Harbaugh isn't going to let his brother down, no way the 49ers lose at home.

Oh one more thing, because this will probably be my last post before I am banned. (I know the mods on these Steeler forums ban people for little to no reason, if they are ravens fans). Harrison deserved to be suspended and it should have been for more than one game. This guy has caused injury to opposing players with his helmet hits, and I think the Steelers organization encourages this type of play more than other NFL teams. Look, Heinz Ward was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by other NFL players and how many times has Harrison been fined?

I know Pittsburgh fans hate the Ravens far more than the other way around. Look at a typical Steelers forum before a Ravens game and there is talk about bountys on Ravens players and how nice it would be to see Joe Flacco or Ray Lewis or Suggs or Torrey Smith or Ray Rice carried off the field. Pittsburgh fans are used to this type of hard hitting play well look what happened to those players in the 70's with their concussions, the long term effects, how about that? The trash talk is much worse on the Steelers forums than the Ravens.

Don't think the NFL is biased against the Steelers with these fines and suspensions. The truth is that the NFL executives who make these decisions are far more objective than Steeler fans or the Steeler organization. It seems some Steeler fans want their team to win at all costs and they don't care if Rodgers gets a concussion or if Colt McCoy gets a concussion so long as the Steelers come out ahead. That is not the way the game is now, the times have changes and this type of play will no longer be tolerated. If the Steelers and Tomlin encourage this type of play there will be more fines and suspensions and I can even see suspensions in the playoffs.

The years of frustration for Baltimore fans are now over. As Coach Harbaugh said after we won in Pittsburgh, this one is for all the Baltimore fans who jumped in joy while watching their TV's when Flacco hit that winning TD pass to Tory with 8 seconds to go. A new era has begun, and the Baltimore Ravens have taken their rightful spot at the the top. Baltimore > Pittsburgh, how sweet it is!
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