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Default Re: Too Much Raven Hatred By Steeler Fans?

Wow....typical Ravens fan. You blow your load that you beat us twice in one year, which of course isn't as sweet as a real sweep (see last year), and then you think your season is wrapped up and you are going to win forever. YOU LOST TO SEATTLE. YOU LOST TO TENNESSE. YOU LOST TO JAX. YOU SNUCK BY ARIZONA....Do you really think that your team is capable of going anywhere with a rap sheet like that? Let alone beat us in the playoffs where they have proven time and time again to be choke artists?

Get real bro. So typical in that city when you get a few wins under your belt you think it's trash talk time, but when your team needs you the most and you're losing game after game, your kind are no where to be seen. Just look at attendance in your stadiums when you are below 500.

Talk to me when you have some semblence of NFL history under your belt.
Win, Lose, or Tie, I'm a Steeler fan until I DIE!!!!
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