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Default Re: Your stand on illegal hits and laying up on defenseless reciever or QB?

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
You obviously don't "get" the "concussion issue" if you don't understand why concussions are treated differently now than they were 10, 20, 30 years ago. What the league is doing, at the core, is important, and necessary. It's not being implemented smoothly and obviously plenty of people have various forms of disagreements with it, but with what science has told us about concussions and the effects of concussions, it is a moral imperative for there to be some sort of system in place to prevent and discourage the actions that lead to concussions. That sentiment is one that I fully support.

And Ryan Clark hits guys in the head way too often. Maybe he's not a "dirty player" necessarily, but then again, maybe he is. Just because he's a Steeler doesn't mean he's perfect.
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