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Default Re: Symptoms of Tebow overdose include

I have to admit, watching Tebow on soundfx this week really made me question my faith. I do feel like he instills a confidence in the team. I just wish people would acknowledge the teams he has faced and the circumstances those teams were in..

Bears = no Cutler, no Forte
Cheifs = Palko, no Jamaal Charles
Chargers = dumpster fire
Dolphins = atomic fallout w/ a lame duck coach
Jets = Sanchez, enough said
Vikings = Christian Ponder
Raiders = Carson's first game back

How lucky is that? Now Tebow has come through when it has counted. He is a threat that I will never sleep on him again. But I have never seen a guy with such poor stats get so much hype. No one was pumping Orten up when he started 6-0 last year. Elway said himself that he enjoys the wins, but he is concerned if the guy can convert third downs. They guy cannot execute the passing game. Now they want to compare him to Cam Newton saying Tim doesn't turn it over.. Cam's thrown 400 passes this season, Tim has thrown about 100..
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