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Default Re: Too Much Raven Hatred By Steeler Fans?

Originally Posted by tenn1968 View Post
Steelerchad, yeah the Steelers really showed their pedigree in the big game losing to Green Bay last year in the biggest game..I don!t believe even you expect the Steelers to win in Baltimore after the lesson the Ravens taught the Steelers the last time they came to Baltimore...OWNED
Oh, You're a Ravens fan. I didn't get that from your original post. Oh, I see. You were trying to be sly posing as one of us. Boy, U are a tricky one.

So U won a couple games this year, congrats. Yep, GB won the big one last year. We don't win them all, but if you'd like to compare resume's let me know. I'd be happy to compare the Steelers resume with any team in the league. Until your Nov. 6th win, you could easily make the case that the Steelers had won the 7 biggest games between the 2 teams. Now your 1 for 8 in games that are playoff games or have late season direct impact on winning the division or serious playoff implications.
You're a little bitch just like the Ravens are the Steelers little bitch. Until you get past us in the playoffs and win something you'll always be.
I think ur scared. I think u know what's coming...................again.

Heartbreak, disappointment, tears, waiting until next year...............again.
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