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Default Re: Your stand on illegal hits and laying up on defenseless reciever or QB?

I don't understand why people keep talking about the players being afraid and this and that. This has nothing to do with what the players think, it's about the league trying to protect the players from situations that have a high risk of resulting in a concussion. Suffering a concussion has nothing to do with toughness. There is a profound difference between a brain injury and any other kind of injury, and I don't think that's still being appreciated enough. Yet for all the complaints that the NFL is turning into flag football, nobody ever mentions how runners and defenders and linemen are not protected as defenseless players, they'd rather just point that out as hypocrisy instead of the NFL not over-policing the game. The objective of the defenseless player initiative is to protect players that are not in a position to avoid a concussive hit, unlike runners and defenders and linemen, who are looking forward and around them and see where the pressure is coming from. Wide receivers are trying to run the proper route, get open, and secure the football, while quarterbacks are either surveying the field and trying to throw a guy open or trying to escape pressure. So, the nature of their field awareness is different, and that's why they're protected differently. As far as concussion go with respect to those suffered from multiple dull blows experienced over the course of years, which was the case for Mike Webster, I really don't know what the NFL could even do about that, except to completely change the game. Would you rather have that, or would you rather the slightly altered game that we have now with defenseless player rules?
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