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Default Re: Too Much Raven Hatred By Steeler Fans?

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
You tell them, tenn1968. These moronic Steelers fans just can't seem to understand that the regular season is far more important. The playoffs don't mean jack. It's all about winning games in the regular season. But you're smart enough to understand that. The Ravens understand it as well as demonstrated by the Gatorade baths. Stupid Steelers fans. Who cares about winning playoff games? Playoffs ... pffffft!

Love the bravado, tenn1968! I live in Cincinnati and a few years ago the Bungles had a pretty dang good team. Remember Whosyourmama wiping his shoes with the Terrible Towel? Bungle players were in the paper stating how they now owned the Steelers, Chad (I think he was still Chad then, lol) was quoted something to the effect the Steelers were B&W TV and they were the new Color TV, the Steeler's era was over and it was now their time. I heard fans says dang near the exact same things you just said tenn, heck they felt they had won the Super Bowl before the play offs even started. I had a friend tell me "It's our turn now!"

For those keeping score, that was 3 Super Bowls ago for the Steelers and zero play off wins for those Bungles who's time had come...

Talk is cheap. The Ravens beat the Steelers twice and took the Gatorade bath. The Ravens earned it, they have a good team, as did those Bungles, but it's a little early to start polishing any trophies...
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