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Default Re: Barely beating the Chiefs was embarassing

for those being defensive, the entire point for me starting this thread was a reality check to be thankful for any Ws our team can muster

I live in Ohio and get to see and hear so much pain and agony over the Browns and Bengals and it kinda makes me sick when I see fellow Steeler fans reacting to games in much the same manner when we're actually consistently winning games and divisions and playoffs and Superbowls unlike the actual garbage the Browns and Bengals fans have to consistently put up with.

Yes, we could have had a better game against the Chiefs, but this is the NFL, and a win is a win is a win is a win, simply no two ways about it. For all the style points the Packers bought themselves dominating their previous 13 games it was all for naught in this one. And as long as that last game in February is a W, everything else leading up to it simply doesn't matter that much, its not how you got there, its that you did get there.
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