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Default genius ratbird fan

you can't make this stuff up ...
Baltimore Ravens Lets Go!
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If Pittsburgh wins out and finish 13-3 but 4-2 in the AFC North Division and the Ravens win out and finish 12-4 overall but 6-0 in the AFC North, wouldn't the Ravens still have homefield advantage over the Stealers? If not, what the heck does the division record matter then?

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Default Flacco Must Go, Sign Drew Brees or trade for a QB
Right now Flacco is not the answer for this team and if John Harbaugh wanted to kept it job then Ozzy must make a shot to get Drew Brees in 2012. Brees is an FA after this season and Flacco is a FA, I give a chance to sign Brees or maybe trade a draft pick. So what is your choice.

holy crap !!! ...we might be in trouble if the ratbirds get brees....
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