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Originally Posted by pitt0wns View Post
Worst coach in the league that is living off of Cowher's players!

* Team is never prepared
* No game plan
* Shitty play calling
* Cannot read a game clock
* Opposing D can predict every play

Wait maybe he will "unleash hell" these next 2 games.

What a joke.
LOl, living off of cowher's players, thats nice. This is not the same team that Cowher ran; not the same identity, not the same philosophy, nothing.
I do not really understand why the over reaction to one loss against a pretty damn good opponent.

The team is always prepared, they just do not execute. When players do not execute, thats on the players, not on the coaches (for the most part)

There is always a game plan coming in. Dont understand why people continue to act like the coaches or even the players do nothing for six days.

Playcalling can be better, i will agree with you on that; but arians is the one who calls the plays.

The game clock situation was all on Ben, IMO. When he gets the go for the no huddle offense, he has to control the clock and make the decisions on whether or not to spike the ball, call another play, or call timeout. And if you recall, Tomlin smartly called a timeout after SF was stopped for a minimal run gain on third down to give the opportunity for the offense to take the field, which many coaches fail to do so when their defense is on the field in the last two minutes of a half (ask John Harbaugh and the Ravens if they could have taken timeouts at the end of the first half of sunday night's game in order to get possession in).

The steelers were moving down the field pretty good and getting out of bad field position for the most part, they just shot themselves in the foot constantly and turnovers killed good drives in the first quarter. Thats not bad coaching, that bad execution.
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