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Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Rewatch the 2006 season, and pretty much every season besides 2005 and 1995 under Cowher. Tomlin may have inherited a good team, but that team wen't 8-8 in '06 and right back in the playoffs under Tomlin in '07. In '09 Tomlin's suffered a 9-7 season.
2006 season Cowher thought it would be cool to start a quarterback who was clinically dead in the first 8 games. Just awful. But the 2009 goes down as the worst display of football imaginable imo. Losing to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns was just embarrassing. Especially after promising to "unleash hell." We had a cakewalk schedule.

Tomlin is a decent coach. Not awful but I don't think he's great despite having winning seasons and a SB under his belt. Like someone said before, he has a lot of talent to work with and a HOF defensive coordinator that controls everything on that side of the ball (and he continues to let Arians control the offense). The only thing I think he's in charge of is personnel decision, clock management and challenges. He's shaky at best with the latter two.
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