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Default Re: Lack of running game////

Arians simply doesn't understand the relationship of adjacent plays. Every play is in it's own universe, which is why there are no real bootlegs or screen plays to running backs (they are rare, anyways). That also means every play is just as good an opportunity for a long bomb as any other. Using a successful run up the gut to set up a screen or even another run, but to the outside, or even some gadgetry with the RB tossing it back to Ben, or... whatever.

No. Run right guard. Run right guard again. Then on third and short: obvious passing down, long bomb. It's frustrating, and there's no rhyme or reason to it.

Every week I will bring this up: when will Bruce Arians put two consecutive good showings together? Dick Lebeau has bad weeks, but he also regularly puts together strings of four, five, six+ weeks of dominating performances. When Bruce? When?
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