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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

You can blame the offense all you want, and yes they were a large part of last night's performance. However, the real reason is the same as always. We got out coached on both sides of the ball! It's the coachs' job to put the team in the best position to succeed and they just don't do that. Obviously, Roethlisberger was going to have limited mobility so our offensive game plan should have been a quick short passing game (which we proved we could do successfully earlier in the year... anyone remember how good we looked against the Titans?) But we have an OC that's as stubborn as they come, and will continue to run what we do (a vertical passing game) regardless of the opponent or circumstance. Just let our hobbled QB run on that bad ankle to prolong a play while our receivers fun 20 yd routes on a 3rd and 2. Genius! It doesn't help that our qb is just as stubborn if not more so. Defensively, we were going to have to play more aggressive to cause some turnovers without Harrison and a less than 100% Woodley bringing pressure. As stated above, if we could play bump and run against the Pats (with a far superior qb in Brady), why is it we decided to go against it against a West Coast offense? Hard to jump routes when playing 10 yds off receivers with no pressure on a qb . Just as we did against the Pats, I would have preferred to play more out of our nickel packages with more DBs or safetys to avoid having our LBs like Farrior or Timmons in coverage. We could have supplied that needed pressure blitzing our those MLBs and let our secondary do their job. Oh, also really glad we saved that timeout before the half.... how many times have we seen that before? Just another example of a poorly coached game.
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