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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Ben played bad no doubt.

I agree Magnus, thats what I hav ebeen saying, every 3 and short we played twice the yardage they needed at least, off the line. Are they retarded? This isn't the first time we did this, we do this a lot, than scratch our heads why they got the 1st down.

To say we got out coached is an understatement, but that also shows you how bad our coaches are. Perhaps they should stop worrying about tossing harrison under the bus in the media and worry about the game at hand. Outc oached 3 times by whiney little girls names Harbaugh. Tomlin should have to wear a dress home and to practice all week. But he ir probably drafting his next news release on Harrison and how the Steelers may not let him play this week.
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