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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

All excellent points by you guys, and one of the things brought up with the pass rush minus Harrison and Woodley. Didn't we spend 2 first round picks on DE's? I know, I know, everyone always says a DE in a 3-4 is supposed to occupy blockers so the LB's can make plays, but for cryin out loud, and one of these guys get some freakin pressure. Where's Ziggy? Where's Kiesel, Heyward, or Mclendon? I mean, I don't expect much from hamton, we all no he's no a pass rusher, but where are these other guys. For first round picks, I want a guy who can do both. If we're gonna play coverage all day, we need to generate a rush with 4 guys, you know, kind of like to SF did. The defense just did not cut it last night. The coaching strategy on both sides sucked. I dont know what else to say.... Oh yeah, Ben did suck too.
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