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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Wow, you guys are kind of harsh. Your defense only gave up 20 points. That's not bad, especially without Harrison on the field. The Steelers have won every game their offense put up more than 20 points & lost 4 out of 7 when they didn't.

Solution, score 21 points or better each week & win! Big Ben couldn't put any weight on his plant foot, so obviously he was not going to have a great day. He probably shouldn't have played. If he keeps the injury from healing he could be an immobile QB who can't put any weight on his plant foot throughout the playoffs. That is a pretty big disadvantage for one of the most dangerous guys on the run to ever play the game!

So, do you settle for a wildcard spot and take a 100% healthy Ben on the road to the SB, or... Do you go for the #1 seed, which you can ONLY secure IF Baltimore loses again, (their last 2 games aren't too tough, although KC didn't look too tough either)... AND.... the Pat's lose one of their final 2 games vs. Buffalo or Miami. Even though both teams are at 5-9, they ARE capable of beating the Pat's. Buffalo did it already this season & Miami is just better than their record shows. In their last 7 they've gone 5-2. It helps some that both are home games for the Pat's

Going for it puts Ben in position to get himself more hurt than he is now. He can't really scramble at all, so he is a sitting duck. Yes, he's PLENTY tough, but any one big hit can do damage. Also, how will his sprain heal if he keeps playing on it?

(Side Note: On big hits.... How about that hit by Elvis on Brady? WOOOW ! I couldn't believe he popped back up like he did AND continued to play great the rest of the game. All the crap people like to say about him being a p*ssy & a whiner etc. You have to give him some props for him popping right up and not just going right back to the game. That was the cleanest hit I've seen on a QB in , well, maybe ever. I'm glad no flag was thrown. Nothing was done wrong, but refs whip them things out almost every time a QB gets hit, clean or not.)

The 3rd option which just popped into my head is putting in Batch. You could probably still win against tomato cans like 2-12 Rams & the 4-10 Browns. Then that way you are still in position for the #1 seed IF Baltimore loses one of their final games, which could possibly happen, especially against the Bengals.

Either way, we could see a rematch between the Pat's & Steelers in the AFCCG. Only question now is where??? I can't imagine it would turn out as lopsided as the 1st one, or at least I hope not. That was one of the worst Pat's game of the Brady era. They scored 17, but it somehow felt like a shutout

Until then.....................
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