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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
UMMMM!!!!!! The defense did not lose this game, in what world does a D allow less than 300 yards, limit the opposition to a "mere" 20 points off of 4 turnovers and have to take the blame for a loss when the O manages to score only 3 stinkin points. The 49ers didn't do anything special, but what they did they executed very well, didn't really take any drive stopping penalties and played within themselves.
Once again, we have an offensive game plan that throws the ball more,than twice the rush attempts with a hobbled QB, a game plan that refuses to continue with quick passes and forces our QB ( I am sure some of it is Ben's fault too) to throw deep crossing routes and search for the "home run" ball. On our opening drive Ben throws a pic in the red zone,later Brown drops a quick slant that looked like it would have been a TD, this happened before we were down 6-0, it should have been 14 - 3 at the half for us, not a 6-0 deficit.
Did we play our best game on D, NO, but they aren't to blame for the loss!!

I agree!

The only thing I'd add is that Ben was way more hurt than I had been led to believe and that he probably should not have played at all or should at least have been pulled in the second half.

But on the subject of Ben in general, last night was a demonstration of just how much his mobility factors into our offense overall. On at least a dozen plays, there were situations where a healthy Ben could have either extended the play by scrambling or gained yardage by running. On at least a dozen MORE plays, there were instances where he wanted to move to avoid defenders or to simply enlarge the pocket and he couldn't do that. Then on at least another dozen pass attempts, he was not able to plant onto his left foot to step into a throw and was instead "flipping" the ball and his accuracy was severely affected by that.

To me, when Ben is healthy it's like listening to music in surround sound whereas last night it was like listening through a 2-inch speaker in a clock radio.
His mobility is essential to this team's offensive success and his lack of mobility made our offense about as dynamic as something drawn on a blackboard.

The "play through pain" thing may make for great stories and plays to the ego of the sport and the fans but it also has its limits and last night was a perfect example of that. If we are to have ANY success in the post-season, Ben needs to be healthy and I think that he should sit until he is. Right now, I doubt we're looking at anything better than a five-seed and if sitting him for two weeks gets us a six-seed -- then what's the difference?

If we continue to play him and even if by some miracle Baltimore hits a slump and we end up with a bye, it won't be enough because he won't be near 100% and we need him at , or very close to, 100% if we're to have any chance going deep into the post-season or to the SB.
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