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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Look, I understand that Ben played bad. I understand that he probably should have been benched. I understand he turned it over 4 times. In all, it was too much for the defense to overcome. My point is that WE ALL KNEW BEN WAS GONNA BE BAD. Everyone in the stadium knew that if we were gonna win, the defense would have to do something special, and the bottom line is that they didn't. They allowed SF to convert on nearly 60% of third downs. How can you overlook that?! They got no sacks!! Baltimore got 9! How can you over look that?! They got no turnovers. They allowed San Fran to convert 3rd and longs. They played 10 yards off the receivers all night.

I believe we could have come closer to winning if our D would have shown up big but again, they didnt. They weren't bad or horrible, they just weren't exceptional, and they had to be.
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