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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

This is my first post, but I've been a Steeler fan since the late 60's. I've lived and died with them, and always will. We rose to prominence in the 70's with a combonation of killer defense, and finally getting some great O players. Since then , we have been enjoying what is usually a great D, year after year. We've seen some O situations kind of come and go, but the D has, for the most part; done it's job well.

I can't understand how we can't solve our O line problems, and get the blocking schemes down to kick our running game back into gear. I know Ben is a unique QB to block for, and it's not easy to do so, but the designed running play blocking is awful too. We had total control of the 2nd Ravens game, and couldn't even come up with a first down to close them out? That's not the Steelers I've followed all these years.

Yes Ben makes mistakes, and they chap my butt when they come out of nowhere, but my biggest concern is that our D is just not what we've all grown accustom to. That 92 yard Raven drive hit me square between the eyes. Like mentioned in this thread already; the D played 10 yards off the receivers, and still Holt got behind Gay for the winning score. The only way the birds could win was with a TD, and the Steelers gave it up. That was the lowest point for me this year with our D. I also have seen here were some say Ben is holding us back,ect. Remember, it was the D that let Fitzgerald loose for what looked to be the winning SB score, until Ben drove them right at 90 yards down the field to win with the toss to Holmes.

Ben is an elite QB in my opinion, but we're just facing some challenges in several different areas. The team is getting older(some of the key players), and they are getting injured more often than before. I've seen some bad lapses at safety this year, and Troy has always come thru before; we're just used to stellar play every year, and we may be coming to a crossroads here. I'm like you all; I bleed black and gold, and I'm going to continue to believe. I look forward to interacting with you all.
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