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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

We did blitz. We did try to run our famous A gap, Cross-X'ing stunts. Thing is, the 49'ers picked it all up and had a flawless, west-coast attack on us while we played on our toes the entire night. The 9'ers had balance and it showed big time. Totally threw us off our game, especially on third downs (and it was STILL a tight ball game for the majority.)

They picked up our blitzing schemes and counter-acted it with a short, quick underneath game that worked endlessly against our soft-zones and 12 yard cushions. It's very hard to create pressure and dial up blitzes when the QB is getting rid of the ball as soon as our blitzers reach the line of scrimmage. Credit San Fran, they out played, out witted and certainly out coached us. We just got our ASS kicked!
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