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Default Re: Leaping???? Really...

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
That leaping call isn't the only thing that gets me fired up against Lawrence Timmons.

This dude is turning into Alonzo Jackson all over again! Couldn't COUNT how many times he was out of position and completely flopping and flailing at our inside linebacker spot. Timmons is constantly out of the play and very rarely EVER does anything. He's also a f*cking p*ssy at pass-rushing. Never have I seen the guy run THROUGH a running back on a blitz. So disappointed with #94's performance this year, was expecting big things. He's simply invisible.
ya know what, i hear ya. What the HELL has happened to Timmons? He was on his way to a break-out superstar career...this should have been his year...and he hasn't done NOTHIN'. NO game changing plays, no nothing. Shit, Harrison, when he plays is half-injured and makes game changing plays all day long.
It's like Timmons is now playing with 1/4 of a brain. He's doing nothing to be a game-changer.
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