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Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Are you kidding me? We lost because Ben was an immobile statue in the pocket. We were on their side of the field numerous times and Ben threw two picks because he obviously wasn't stepping into his throws. The defense played well considering they were on the field the majority of the game. We have injuries that are severly limiting what we can do on both offense and defense and not having Harrison was a huge loss. Shut up and quit your crying already. We lost and we need to move on. It sucks that we couldn't capitalize on the Ravens choking but we were playing one of the top rated defenses in the league and they still never really put the game away until the fourth quarter. Quit embarassing yourself.
Well said dude.......If half the whiners got their wish and fired Tomlin and we fell into a very dismal team such as the Rams, i wonder what they'd say then......

Might as well dress em in skirts!
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