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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Another thing we don't do and i don't understand is quick snap counts like Brady does.
Everybody screams for the 'no-huddle' but we don't make it count. Even when we do it....Ben just stands back there and the play count winds down 4, 3, 2 1, SNAP....why the hell do we even do the no-huddle then? you might as well not even do it.
Do a no-huddle, then do a quick snap. But nooooooooooooooooooo....
We just stand there and let them all get settled and have their best look at our offense lining up.
It completely makes ZERO sense.
Very true. I don't get this no-huddle with normal count crap either.
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