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Default Re: Big Ben scoffs at suggestions he needed painkillers

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Again, I personally want Ben out there every dam play. Regardless of his past, I'm a 100% Ben fan. But who runs this team? This article says a lot. Tomlin is just a someone wearing the headset on the sideline. He is lucky he has talent around him in the past, its becoming clear its not his coaching prowless.
Bashing Tomlin seems to be the in-thing now. I can't say that I can argue with you about his coaching abilities as far as football goes, because I'm still learning about it. But I know one thing, having seen it more than enough in sports: you cannot live as long as Mike Tomlin is with the Steelers now and just do it from the past. If you don't have a grip on the team and do some stuff right in the locker room, things desintegrate much faster than you think. Does not mean he's perfect or that he shouldn't address some problems.. but he surely is not just wearing a headset.
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