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Default Re: The Real Story of Last Nights Game: Hint.... Its not about Big Ben

Originally Posted by dcsteel5804 View Post
The Steelers lost last night, 20 -3. So that means Big Ben must have really stunk it up out there, right? Well, that's ABSOLUTELY true. He through 3 interceptions and fumbled once.

WRONG, it amounted to 4 TURNOVERS, count them bud, 4 TUROVERS, by BEN.

I don't know what it would take to teach this guy to throw the ball away. Even with a high ankle sprain and extremely limited mobility, the guy was holding the ball to long in certain situations.

But, in my humble opinion, that was not the real story of the game. We all knew that Ben was hurt and wasn't going to play very well. We knew he'd be limited in what he would be able to do. The real story to me was the defense. Coming into the game, they must not have gotten the memo that there was a good chance they'd have to play a spectacular game to help this team pull one out. Too bad, because this was definitely a winnable game

After the first interception thrown, The 49ers had the ball at around their own 30 yard line. Well to me, that's like decent kick off return starting field position. and we let them go on down and score a field goal. Probably should have been a touchdown if Alex Smith had any real skill. Basically the same sequence of events happened on the drive for both teams.

Now giving up only 6 points after two turnovers doesn't sound that bad right?? WRONG!! Because its the way they gave the 49ers yardage. They were not letting them run too well, but dang it if they weren't 10 yards of the receivers on obvious passing downs. They allowed them to convert third down throw after third down throw. Not to mention there was ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE ON ALEX SMITH THE ENTIRE GAME. I mean, CSI wouldn't have been able to prove he had been in a football game last night, he was untoched by an Steelers all night and didn't hit the ground but maybe twice. Compare that with how we played against the Patriots and it makes you sick. We have the talent on this team to cover New England and its receivers and tightends, but not San Frans??? Give me a break!!

To win the game, the defense would have had to play lights out, create some turnovers, create some pressure and they just didn't, and that really makes me sick in my stomach. Where was the blitz, where was the press coverage. You don't create turnovers by not pressuring a guy. But I guess we should not question the genius that is Lebeau.... Well I WILL. Why does this guy pick certain games to just shrivle his little baby nuts up into its shell and play scared. Similar to the game against freakin Tyler Palko, where we almost lost to the Chiefs because we let that bum sit back there and throw passes to open guys.

I dont know, maybe you guys saw something different, but that defensive performance sucked. I know the offense was bad, but we knew it would be bad. They scored most of their points of turnovers, we had no turnovers and never gave our offense a short field. We started inside the 20 on 90 percent of our drives, with a gimp at QB, not a formula for success. The defense needed to hand the offense points on a silver platter, and they just didnt. More thoughts to come later, but let me know what you guys think, thanks.
Sir, you are either an trolling instigator, or just out of your mind. !!!
Ben himsself said "...I was the best player for the 49'ers..."
nuff said.
I love Ben, but why do you ppl, consistently try to imagine anything remotely different about last NITE ! ?
It's boggling to say the least.
Ben should NOT have even played, we played him and it was an UTTER-Catastrophic gamble.
you wanna blame the DEFENSE. ???!!!

NO TEAM really SURVIVES 4 TURNOVERS by an offense (and yes they were ALL on BEN).
Don't blame the DEFENSE. Blame our idiotic Coach and senile Rooney for gambling with their severely INJURED Franchise investment.
-case closed already.
You guys need glasses when you watch these games .
omfg !

Get OVER it !
Lets get goin' on the next games, which we NEED to win straight out.
The only"Real story" here, is that this thread is UNREAL and suitable for IGNORING !
end of story.
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