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Default Re: Joe Paterno Reportedly on Suicide Watch

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
He must be a steeler fan judging by the way many on here are reacting I don't think he's alone

our coaches suck, ben is average, our defense is porous, colbert is an idiot, arians is an idiot, tomlin's an idiot, harrison is an idiot, the harbaughs are better coaches, mendy sucks, hines sucks, woodley sucks, pouncey is made of glass, ziggy's a bust, farrior should be mowing his lawn, the refs are horrible, goodell is ruining football, tickets are too expensive, direct tv is too expensive, wings are too expensive at my local bar that has nfl package, we can't win on the road, we don't run redman enough, we run too much, mendy dances, o-line sucks, ben holds the ball too long, harrison is selfish, harrison is stupid, polamalu doesn't play smart and can't tackle, ike drops int, gay sucks, ryan clark is stupid and hits too hard and can't cover, sanders is always hurt, and oh yeah....sweed is a bust

truly i don't know how anyone wearing black and gold hasn't offed themselves yet
You take that back! Sweed is not a bust!
Why does God hate amputees?
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