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Default Re: Spambots

Originally Posted by Avalon105 View Post
I am getting countless spam emails. How come nobody has responded to my concerns?? I have sent numerous emails to the webmaster etc.

Its geting quite annoying.
That could be something to do with your own account. I don't know. My e-mail account listed here hasn't ever really gotten more than the normal amount of spam e-mails. I don't know what else you do with your account though, but there's usually more than one answer to a problem like that.

All in all though, that's more info overall than I would have for you.

Also, I check the webmaster e-mails at least once a week, and I haven't gotten any from anyone asking about spam e-mails. Are you sure you're sending it to the right place?

*Edit* Just checked the e-mails, and got your e-mail from today. Haven't gotten any before this though.
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