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Default Re: Steelers = No. 5 Seed

PFFT. Like it matters. The real problem is your shitting your pants knowing you will have to get through Pittsburgh in the playoffs. You would love for that game to be avoided, but likely Pittsburgh would go to Denver and knock the shit out of Tebow. With the Texans floundering, I give the #6 seed a good chance to knock them off and head to N.E. That leaves your worst nightmare scenario about to come true... A playoff matchup against a team your players and fans are scared of.

Of course, all this is contingent upon you holding serve in Cincy. You're terrible on the road this year. 3-4, with 4 losses against worse teams than the Bengals. Oh, and Cincy is playing for a playoff spot. I think it comes down to the last possession in a close game. Either way, we'll likely be meeting in a winner take all game this year and I like our chances as usual.
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