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Default Re: Steelers = No. 5 Seed

It will be as much fun to knock the Bengals out of the playoffs entirely, as it will be to put the Steelers in their place (no 5 seed) , after the Ravens W on Sunday.

If we play the Steelers again in will be in M+T and I don't see how even Steelers fans can think they will have much luck there. The Ravens are UNDEFEATED at home this year, and they easily handled the Steelers the last time the teams met there.

In a way I actually hope this game happens (Pittsburgh VS Baltimore in playoffs) because it would be payback time for the Ravens..a chance for total revenge, 3 losses to the Ravens, and a humbling 3 strikes you're out for the Steelers.

But on the other hand I don't want one of the key Ravens players to be hurt by a helmet to helmet like what Harrison did to Colt McCoy, I want the Ravens to be healthy for their trip to Indianapolis and the Super Bowl. So I think I'd prefer the Steelers to lose to Denver or Oakland in the wild card game.; Which is quite possible Tebow magic may win at least one playoff game for Denver, and when their defense is playing well they can hang with anyone. I'm glad the Ravens will be resting that week with their bye and don't have to take a chance of losing in the first round.

Oh and as for Ben playing against Cleveland that would be a huge mistake. If he plays that would greatly increase the odds that he will go limping into the playoffs or not be able to play at all. Wasn't it the Browns game where he got injured before?
The Steelers would have to win in Cleveland with a limping Rothlisberger and even if they did, that what good would it do if the Ravens beat the Bengals, which we all know is far more likely than not.

It may be a bitter pill for you all to swallow but right now the Ravens have a far better chance of winning the Super Bowl than do the Steelers. Just look at the Las Vegas odds if you don't believe me.
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