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Originally Posted by SteelersFever
AHHHHHHHH!!! Compliments, I hate them. Thanks everyone! You're the GREATEST!!! :)

By the way, how many of you visit the main web site? I would love for you to post your comments on it. Out of all the Pittsburgh Steelers fan sites on the internet, how would you rank it? Be honest.
I link to the main site before heading to the message boards. Most of the Steeler news I've come across elsewhere. But that's because I check the P-G, Trib, etc. daily and also frequent numerous other Steeler message boards. The subcategory "downloads" is pretty neat. Haven't used them yet but they do look good. I also like the history category for use as a reference point in discussions. The NFL Data category looks pretty good too.

I think people will rank this site based on their own interests and likes v. dislikes. So being "honest" may mean that some guys are going to say this site is by far the best Steelers site on the web while others won't like it. I guess that sounds simple enough and probably obvious. But I'll try ignoring the message board (which I like) and focus on the main page.

I think the main page looks pretty good. Lots of information and links. But somehow it doesn't appear jumbled up or chaotic. At the same time, because of the vast amount of information and links, I probably skip over a few things or look for key words in the info/links and ignore the other stuff. I think it's just the brain trying to find a short-cut to the information I'm looking for/interested in.

When including the message board, this site appeals to my interests as far as type of conversation goes. It is a pretty active message board considering where we are in the off-season. The "Blast Furnace" probably helps that out some. Definitely a lot of good posters who are or are not Steeler fans. This site reminds me a lot of and as far as the conversation goes. Not overly optimistic and not overly pessimistic. I should add that I see as analytical while remaining realistic and fun.
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