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Default 2011/2012 Bowl Season -

Is everyone enjoying the bowl games so far? The exciting Hawaii Bowl or the enchanting Independence Bowl? How 'bout that Belk Bowl that gets played tonight? Oh, and let's not forget the incredible Gator Bowl pairing between the vaunted Buckeyes and those dirty Gators.

Aside from Bama/LSU in the title game, there are a few games that interest me. All of the SEC bowl games are at the top of my list. I'm also interested in the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. Can Wisconsin match Oregon score for score or will the Ducks blow the 'slow' Badgers out of Pasadena? What about Stanford and their 'slow' team? Can they do anything with Mike Gundy's run-and-gun Cowpokes?

I know that all of you Big Ten fans on this board can dissect the bowl games. I think that Sparty fans are pulling their hair out after another season goes by and the men in green miss a BCS game. Maybe Purdue can find a way to beat WMU this afternoon in Detroit.
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