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Default Re: Saints on the road:

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
another team i'm really growing to hate.

Brees isn't the "holier-than-thou" great guy either, that he's been portrayed in the media has, and the coach isn't much better. This running up the score thing really infuriates me. A crystal clear case of "padding" passing stats. I hope they get ousted from the playoffs.
I used to think much the same way, but I have come to realize that the Saints and the Patriots have put all their eggs on the offensive side. By doing so no lead is safe with their mediocre Defense.

BTW all this high powered offenses are enabled by the rules of today, case in point Brees sets new season record for yards. Really does anyone think Brees could have put the same yardage up with the personnel Marino had or played by the same rules. And in turn could Marino have done the same with the same rules applied during the Unitas era.

I will say that the Packers and Saints even outdoors could be a close game since the Saints have a very under rated running attack.
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