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Default Re: Patriots schedule. Why?

because they always get 6 games from the Dolphins/Bills/Jets

outside of that the schedule always has a rhyme and reason to it with each division playing another division from its own conference and from the other conference, as well as matchups with position from another conference

look at our schedule this year

16 games

6 games vs. AFC North

4 games vs. AFC South

4 games vs. NFC West

1 game vs. AFC West team that finished at the same spot in their division as we did ours

1 game vs. AFC East team that finished at the same spot in their division as we did ours

so really that's only 2 games that are purposefully scheduled to try and toughen things up, but noting how KC was kind of a fluke last season, that doesn't really hold true all the time.

it is always like this, and the entire AFC/NFC divisions each team plays gets rotated every year, so each team plays every team from the AFC in 3 years time, and the NFC in 4 years time

if a schedule is ever that much easier for a particular team its typically because their division is easy (6 games) other than that its luck of the draw. That being said, the AFC East has been horrid the past decade+ outside of the Pats, even with the Jets making some noise it still wasn't enough.
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