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Default Re: If San Diego kept Brees ...

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
It's impossible to know.

If Marino had been traded during the same point in his career that Brees was, we might sit around and wonder how many Super Bowls the Dolphins would have won had they still had him. The answer, of course, would be 0.
that analogy might work if you were trying to compare the Chargers to the Dolphins. Marino would have easily won a Superbowl had he been traded to a slightly better team as Marino was the dolphins. Kind of like how awesome Brady has been on the Patriots but ever since the Pats decided to put all their chip in him instead of a well rounded team with a truly good defense, 0 superbowls in that time frame...

But yeah, this modern Chargers team has been much better overall than the Dolphins with Marino.

That being said I don't think QB play has been the Chargers downfall, I think it was a colossal mistake to get rid of Schottenheimer, especially to replace him with Norv Turner, seriously seriously stupid.
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