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Default Re: Saints on the road:

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
another team i'm really growing to hate.

Brees isn't the "holier-than-thou" great guy either, that he's been portrayed in the media has, and the coach isn't much better. This running up the score thing really infuriates me. A crystal clear case of "padding" passing stats. I hope they get ousted from the playoffs.
while I think they have been purposefully trying to to pad stats to get the record, out of all the top QBs I think Brees is the real deal when it comes to being a nice guy, right up there with Manning IMO, I don't pay attention to the media, I look at and listen to the player, and he seems like a legit guy.

He's not a cokky and super smug SOB like Rodgers is

He's not an over the top competitor like Brady is who will pout and throw fits when things don't go his way

heck, he's much better than Rivers who is kind of an asshole

So I'm very glad it was he who broke the record so we don't have to hear about Brady when he eventually breaks it as well.
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