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Default Re: Big Ben on front page

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
I know exactly how you feel Bensgirl. I am really looking forward to pounding the Bengals this year. I hope Carson struggles I can rub it in. :D There is a big Bengals movement where we are coming out everywhere, and they are all talking trash. I just want to get that game over with and shut them up.

What if or should I say when the bengals beat the steelers what will you rub in?....and how will you shut the fans up, it seems in order for you to do these two things your steelers better be flawless bc I personally think the bengals will win one of the games.....And you know deep down you want the bengals to succeed and have a great year. :D
What I mean by that is you Bengals fans do this every year, ever since the Jeff Blake days.....every offseason the fans think they are going to the SB, and they never give real teams like the Steelers credit, but come the regular season we wup up on them, and the Bengals are on pace to finish below 500 and then the fans shut up, and quit runnin their mouths......until the next offseason of course.
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