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Default Time for Sanchez to go?

The first time I saw Sanchez play I thought he was the quarter back of the future.
Sure he took them to the AFC championship 2 years in a row but he plays about the same roll there that Alex Smith does in san-fran. Hes an average-below average QB, not to mention he makes a LOT of bone headed played that just seem to be getting worse as he gets more experience, he holds the ball too long and makes more throwing decisions.

I'd love to see The Jets pick up someone like P. Manning next year (well not for the steelers sake) but if that happens I have a feeling Rex would finally get that superbowl hes been promising. Heck if RG3 is somehow available when the jets are up I say they Draft him, Sanchez needs to go somewhere else, maybe jacksonville or something, but its just not working out with him in NY.

Should Sanchez be traded?
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