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Default Re: 4th round pick: WR Fred Gibson


What was your first Steelers practice like for you when you came in for mini-camp?

It was overwhelming. You had so much stuff that you were thinking about. Basically the playbook, the first day I saw the playbook and tried to come out here and jump into the fire, my head was just spinning. Now I have a better understanding of the playbook.

How much do you think you will benefit from the team?s off-season program, getting a chance to learn things before training camp arrives?

It helps you a lot. It helps you understand. The whole playbook is schemed. If you don?t know the playbook, you aren?t going to play. You need the most coaching that is possible.

How have the veterans been with you so far? Do they welcome you and offer you advise? Has any one guy been particularly helpful and how so?

Antwaan Randle El and Hines Ward are great people. In mini-camp I was complaining to them telling them, I was like there is a lot in this playbook. They said to me to take my time, it?s going to come. Everybody understands. It?s like being a freshman all over again. Every little thing that comes up that I have to ask somebody something I go to El or to Hines and they tell me what I want to hear.

Is it good to have veterans like Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El to learn from?

It is great. I watch them running their routes. They run some great routes. It?s a whole new learning thing for me. I?m coming to the NFL. I was just in college. Looking at Hines and Randle El they have been here four and six years and that?s a long time. Why not look up to them. They are great leaders.

From what you are hearing, what do you think will be the biggest adjust to the NFL for you?

I really don?t know. I think just understanding the coverages. There are so many schemes with the defenses and different teams have different schemes. They throw so much stuff at you. You just have to feel comfortable and get adjusted to the NFL. You just have to keep an open mind and go out there and do what you do best and that?s play football.
It is good to hear Hines and El are such good leaders.....
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